At the age of 19, Josue had a head on collision throwing him through the windscreen of his car. This resulted in surgery, microsurgery, and eating out of a straw.

At the time he was prescribed painkillers and as the medication took over his once active lifestyle, he began to gain weight and experience further health problems.

From doctors to specialists it was difficult to maintain a job let alone daily routines we take for granted. By the age of 25, he was rounding 100kgs, on five different prescriptions cross treating symptoms from depression to sleep apnoea, headaches to chronic pain and swelling.

Juggled from doctors to physios, chiros to specialists, pharmacists back to doctors, he was starting to feel irrelevant.

His life was stagnant.

He approached his Father with his thoughts and his Father’s question to him was,


“Why are you relying on someone else to fix you?”


He began researching human biology, biomechanics, certified himself as a trainer and started gathering practical knowledge as a sports specific trainer in a kickboxing gym.

He dropped 26kgs returned to sport but still struggled with pain. He was constantly met with injured clients and as his list gathered a greater variety of different sports, a golden thread appeared.


Most movement required correction and it seemed more common to treat injury with medication after it happens, rather than intervene with corrections that will not only RESTORE the degenerated area but also PREVENT injury occurring.


Josue returned to Argentina to reconnect with his family’s journey and was reminded to regard what he was taught as a child (his Father was a Mechanical Fitter and would regularly take him to work to observe the protocol reverse engineering machines) with more importance and to revisit his own childhood to find healing.

There was a strong message of SELF RELIANCE and the need for exercising IMAGINATION.

Such a simple key to a COMPLEX MACHINE, opening WORLDS of  KNOWLEDGE that once APPLIED 

proves the human body to be a PHENOMENAL MACHINE that,following SYSTEMATIC RESTORATION, can overcome ANYTHING.

He continues to guide his clients reversing their symptoms, balancing their operating systems and structuring their path to optimal performance and vitality.

His work projects the following messages:


To rely on somebody else for something vital in your life makes you vulnerable.

To limit your interaction with the body and mind is a prison locked from the inside.

Knowledge is POWER.

APPLIED knowledge is FREEDOM

About JosuE