Pulled a muscle in my lower back from a deadlift at the gym in a group training session, was in so much pain and thought I’d be out of the gym for weeks, after just one session with Josue, I was back in the gym within a few days! He really helped me to better understand the importance of technique, and repair, instead of just smashing it! Everything I’ve taken from his teachings I adopt in every one of my workouts. Highly recommend!!

-Salma Gungor



You are an incredible trainer and amazing human being , Josue since I have been training with you, I have more energy, I sleep better, and I feel better about myself. Thank you for being flexible with your schedule, and ensuring I get the most out of the time I have with you. You take great care of me and I am thrilled to be on this fitness journey with you. My back pain is gone these workouts really helping me.

Heaps of thanks to Mash for making yummy and healthy shake after workout.

I strongly recommend try once and you won't regret.

-Wajid Khan

I would absolutely, 100% recommend, Josue and Mash in their guidance and assistance at OmniFit West. One of the many inspirational deeds they have helped me to accomplish is working through an issue I had with my lower back, which has been hampering me years. Josue and Mash have been pivotal in aiding me overcome my predicaments, such as daily struggles with pain and nights with restless sleep patterns. They have not only dedicated their time to supporting myself, but also my family. Now, as a family, we are all benefiting from a healthier lifestyle, filled with elite workouts and reinforced with nutritional guidance. Their guidance won’t just help you, but will give us the strength to help others.

-Jude, Greg and Jossie Higgott



Remove pain, laugh, heal your body and mind are some of the experiences I’ve had since going to OmniFit West. I was crippled with my back not able to walk at times to having finished off 2018 after training with Hos and Mashy moving more and pain free. I have taken on many hikes, bush walks, charity events and even changed my work to become a support worker and help others to take up movements, walking , gym and hiking.
I have trained with many people over the years but honestly I’ve gained so much knowledge and insight since meeting this power couple and their furry friends. I am excited what 2020 will bring with my health and fitness journey whilst training at OmniFit West. Thanks for all your support and guys try it once you will as Pete told me many years ago get “hooked” ;)
Irish ginja ninja Eimz 

- Eimear Boland



My first session was A couple of simple but targeted stretches and foam roller techniques and I came home and had my first pain free sleep without medication. I was also empowered with some tools to tackle pain at home. This is all pretty amazing considering Drs have treated me for 12 years with medication and surgery and left me to my own defences to repeat old patterns with no education on how to cope let along change.
If you are serious about equipping yourself with the tools for life long whole body management then it’s a small price to pay for your health.
Thank you to you both for a supportive session. The little mascots were cute too.

- Dianne Mcpharlin



These guys really know their stuff & can help you heal your body, mind & soul from a holistic approach by providing expert training & nutrition tips. I’m so glad to have them in my life not only for training, but as friends too.

- Tyra Chislom


An incredible ability to teach how to make pain your friend. That sweet sweet pain. My new drug

- Peter McDowell

Jos, Mash & Majic,

Where to start with my review of OmniFit West. After suffering with Plantar Fascia injuries for the last 5 years I had enough of tape, shoe changes and resting my foot. I spoke to a few different people I trusted and OmniFit West was recommended. I started with Jos just before I tore my plantar fascia at the start of August this year. With Jos' guidance after 4 months later I played my first 20 mins of hockey this week and recovered without any issues. His approach to training is amazing, refreshing and different. 4 months is not long into my rehab but it is only the start. He has broken all my basic movements do into the smallest segments and its from here the he has started to change the way I walk so that the correct muscles fire in the correct order. Jos is not your regular trainer; he works on the body and mind, through movement and diet. After a few months I could see changes in my body and see where my kids could benefit from train at OmniFit too. Jos has left a lasting impression on my son and me. For which I cannot thank him enough.

So if you are thinking of a change of trainer and something different, give OmniFit West a go. You will not regret the change.

Sorry I almost forgot the post workout shakes and checkouts from the medic (Majic the dog).

- Sam Anderson



What can I say about OmniFit West... I started training 4 months ago and have been training nearly 4 times a week. It's the most favourite part of my day. Never did I like the idea of waking up super early to exercise, now I jump out of bed and embrace each and every day.
Each session has me walking away more educated and stimulated, not just physically but mentally also. Jos approach to training the body and mind is beyond anything I've been able to achieve solo and id be bloody lost without him.. If it wasn't for you and your guidance I wouldn't be rocking so many lines!
Everyone's been commenting on how much happiness is reaping from me and how good my ass looks. I'm so grateful to you, Mashi and Magik for changing my life!!!
Much love for OmniFit West!

- Leah Dowell

Ok where do I start!! I'm so so grateful to have Josue as my coach, I had a car accident a while ago and was really struggling to heal my body.. Josue integrated & holistic approach to training and amazing support as not only helped me shift out of being in constant pain, and in a stressed state but also helped me strengthen my body, improve technique and posture . He challenges me in such a positive way, bringing more self awareness to my own self -sabotaging habits, Josue is so switched on to how I'm feeling where my energy is at and what I need each session .. I always leave feeling better, empowered and strong .. I feel totally nurtured after every session .. Oh I love Yerba Mate & the amazing post workout drinks ( thanks Mashy your amazing X) and Magic you a truly magic

- Amanda Howell

I have been working with Jos and his team for just over 4 weeks now. The team being Jos, his lovely wife Mashi who provides freshly squeezed juices to help me reduce inflammations due to my current injury, plus protein shakes at the end of each session. The team is rounded out with the PR machine Magic (their dog) whose job it is to greet me and other clients as we arrive. To continue. Jos was engaged to assist me with my 5+ month recovery from ostietis pubis which has restricted how I returned to my 3 sessions of boot camp per week and hockey. I have found that my lower back, abductors and groin area fatigued and got extremely sore post heavy work outs and more so with hockey. After sitting down and discussing with Jos he was almost certain that I had issues with my larger muscle groups of glutes and abs not activating correctly. This then meant that my smaller muscle groups tried unsuccessfully to cover the workload. Hence the major pain, albeit my quads, hammies and calves were as fresh as the beginning of my sessions/games. Jos has developed very specific flexibility patterns which have started the process of me better and more naturally recruiting glutes and abs and just improving my overall core strength. It's only 4 weeks now but I'm training harder with each session, recovering so much quicker, I can measure the increase in my flexibility and have not had my lower back fatigue in over 3 + weeks. My glutes and abs are now doing exactly what they are meant to do i.e MUCH more of the work. I've still got a bit more to do with Jos but our plan is a good one and it is designed just for me to get the results I want for the longer term. MANY thanks to Jos, Mashi and Magic for all their support, care and attention.

- Warren Jackson

Josue Vargas you were fantastic! I loved the fact your workout was customised for me as an individual, and that you were all about correct form! Very supportive and comfortable environment. Didn't mind the company of your sexy wife and cute puppy either ;)

- Sammia Rebecca Jensen



In 2 short weeks I am already feeling better then I ever have friends have even commented on my change of attitude and quite shocked that I'm training. I would of never gotten up before work to train let alone on my days off and I'm doing both. the early mornings aren't so bad when you're greeted by such a cute face (Magic). I've already found myself doing things I couldn't or would make excuses not to. Best decision I made to start training with Josue!

- Ashton Harris

My experience with OmniFit West was amazing. I love the passion and knowledge he has when he trains his clients that have different fitness needs or physical restrictions. He is very understanding and works towards strengthening those areas to help you achieve the best results. He goes above and beyond for his clients by explaining each exercise and stretch and how you benefit from stretching each muscle group.
Very motivational with a relaxed and understanding approach. A true professional

- Ivette Campos


Do yourself a favour and go and visit Jos, Mashi and Magik at OmniFit West! It is an entirely unique and enjoyable way to change your mind and body. So much knowledge, so much love, so chilled and you even get delicious, nutritional, carefully selected and lovingly prepared treats to enhance your results and get you feeling amazing inside and out

- Kendall Satie


Best personal motivator ever!!! Great interpersonal skills and actually cares as a trainer!! Wouldn't be were I am now with out ya help, such a positive attitude, Thanks Jos :)))

- Angila Lourie 


I've been training with this pretty man for a few months now and he always pushes me to do my best (and allows me to have a girly cry if need be haha) he's also got my booty looking in top form ;-) "shutup and squat" love you Josue Vargas :-)

- Morgan Gate


I've been working hard with Josue on strength and conditioning and range of movement for the past 8 months aimed at combat sports since starting have noticed a huge improvement both physically and mentally. Jos is a great positive influence towards training and healthy living shot mate

- Morgan Wyness


Jos has been an amazing personal trainer and I recommend him to almost everyone I know seeking for personal training. Watch that space!!

- Rakel Lopez Garcia


He's my awesome personal trainer

- Russell Watts


I've been training with Jos for almost a year now and it's been great! No matter what challenge I throw at him (busted knee, dodgy hips, slept funny so my neck hurts) he always comes up with an awesome workout. He's very thorough and gets results and he knows the words to every Justin Bieber song... not sure if that's a positive but "respect"! Definitely recommend Jos! Xo

- Rachel Blount

Jos Jos Jos what can I say you are an awesome trainer and has managed to keep me motivated for the past 8 months... I love how you push us that little bit further each session even when we bitch an moan and can make us laugh with your stories... but please please stop the singing cause one u cant sing and 2 everyone looks at us when you do :) Love this guy he is the best and a little bit cray cray wouldn't swap him for any other trainer x

Samantha Jackson


 What can one say about Jos! Should I mention the predator thing....perhaps not. Should I mention the stalking issue....again perhaps not. His terrible singing has already been mentioned! All I can say is he must be good because he manages to motivate me to drag my fat arse and my dodgy knee into the gym each week. Love your work Jos!

Adele Mcdonald


Jos killa PT, great mate. Pushed me to my limits, helped reach my peak fitness and shouts me meals hahaha miss training with him but cant wait to catch up soon.

Khaled Falastini 

Well what an amazing individual Jos is. His very caring nature pushes you towards your goals & motivates you to do your best. His knowledge of the body, nutrition and training is incredible. It's a pleasure to know Jos, train with him & to call him my friend.

- Robin Jackson