Back to Basics

Growing up I learned from my Father, the importance of reverse engineering protocols.

In order to do the job correctly, one must follow the protocol.

When the protocol identified an imbalance to the design or blueprint of the machine, an immediate corrective pattern was applied and followed with seeking out possible outcomes from neglect of imbalance.

If further damage was found the corrective interventions will continually apply until FULL BALANCE WAS RESTORED.

This meant that when we were TRUSTED with the task of repair, we could place our TRUST in our protocol, that when maintained to the highest standard, made the result of optimal performance, inevitable.

“Once on YOUR path, YOUR destination is INEVITABLE”

I have taken these principle truths of machine mechanics, translated the same patterns and protocol to the bio-mechanical machine and found a phenomenal match.

First over coming my own injuries and setbacks, when the current medical programs failed me, I have aspired to provide a simple approach for people to rely on themselves for healing from illness, repairing from injury and maximum opportunity for athletic performance.

Pain and Medication FREE.

The result is a PRACTICE that has unfolded to compliment the PRINCIPLE TRUTHS of the Human body’s operating systems and identifies the path one needs to take to work toward BALANCE.

Balance is the foundation of strength, speed and precision timing.

When you align your body’s machine to its natural, balanced design all healing is RAPID.

All training becomes more manageable.

All vitality increases.

Each and every-time.

No exceptions.

We are no longer stunned by the simplicity, continually marvelling at Natures Grand Design and looking forward to sharing our work with you!


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