Intermittent Fasting

Have you ever considered a different eating pattern?

One that considers the demand for energy to digest and perhaps questions the need to eat just for the sake of eating?

Eating your daily meals within an 8 hr window, leaving 16 hrs for the body to fast, aligns with the patterns of your digestive system and enhance your body's ability to burn fat and increase muscle gain.

It also enhances cellular repair, changes the function of genes related to longevity and protects against disease.

When we began intermittent fasting, the goal of eating in windows was quite an easy transition, while the rapid increase of energy was surprising to say the least.

It made sense and at the same time made no sense because of what we had been taught for years on what, when and how much to eat.

We reduced over 40 meals per week between us! Unessential, unnecessary meals that only had the body using more energy to convert more food into more energy that it already had.

If you piloted your car, plane or train like that it would scream nonsense.

We were definitely over-eating and aware of it. This just motivated us to focus on quality instead of quantity and research what exactly was required as the ideal material to produce optimal blood cells that, of course, regenerate the entire human body.

We then removed anything that was toxic or would be considered as contaminants for the reason that it somehow in someway reduces, the integrity of the blood we are producing.

What we found was life changing.


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