Juicing done right!

These modern times have all sorts of trace metals and toxins in our water supply. Sadly not much attention has been paid to the level of toxicity that is now affecting the neurological systems of our young and causing calcification in glands essential for a thriving body.

If unsure of clean water supply try adopting a fresh blending pattern for ingestion of fruits and vegetables. Within the hard walled skin membrane of organically grown fruits and vegetables are up to 90% its weight in water.

The water contained also happens to pass through natures own filtration system of roots storing easily accessible quality H2O for your body system.

Blending also helps unlock the 95% of ALL vitamins and enzymes the body needs with absorption taking place effectively in the bloodstream and giving the digestive system a well earned rest.

Best part is you can be as creative as you like!

Start blending and enjoy the benefits today!

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