My Letter to You

I am writing this letter to You in support of Mental Health Awareness this month.

I wish to share with you my journey so far, confronting that which affects us all and my hopes to achieve more than just a new curriculum for this knowledge, but to also contribute to the methods of practise throughout the world.

I hope I am in the process of creating a whole new agreement with the growing world around me :)


Dear Reader,

You are incomprehensibly, miraculously occurring.

Here we are :)

Together we now share a moment, You and I.

And what a wonderful moment it is, one we only wish to seek if it is peace we wish to find.

However, the world can seem pretty crazy right?

There are some HUGE problems occurring in health.

This impacts the world around us and everything in it.

But it is NOT a riddle.

People are tired, worn and do not have the energy to confront that which holds them back, this impacts even the willingness to defend their own bodies from toxins they are receiving clear indication of as being toxic.

Eating, drinking rubbish unconsciously participating in that which destroys our body and mind destroys our willingness to defend our body, mind and inevitably, our world.

People are unwilling to now even defend the hearts and minds of our young and this bothers me just as much as it bothers you.

With years of unconscious actions in my own life I found myself in great disharmony with myself. Unwilling to defend myself and although my heart was in the right place, I was not taking responsibility for my being.

I have spent the last ten years researching my own diagnosed chemical imbalance resulting in all the symptoms such as severe depression, illness, lethargy, fatigue, chronic pain etc... but the real problem maker was trouble navigating emotions and the self-loathing which began going into the realm of what I call “repetitive negative psychosis”, experienced as extremely negative and critical inner dialogue which could keep me in states of depression for years.

All the while I observed the modern trend of gradually less reliable information given each doctor I saw and more pushes for more medication. (I had multiple prescriptions mainly to treat the side effects of the last prescription)

I was vulnerable and weak.. sensitive and reactive.. and because of this, my mind was too hard to bear, I knowingly destroyed myself with prescription drugs, street drugs, alcohol and zero regard to what or whether I ate.

I was living as if in a groggy dream hoping to wake up and find comfort.. sleeping days away and gradually losing hope in myself with the thought that I must just be plain lazy?

It wasn't until I broke, literally, that my Fathers advice of becoming Self Reliant gave soft resonance.

Why was my search for answers to my internal world, external?

Who out there, was going to fix my problem in here?

I was so distracted with the idea of dependency I forgot my true Capacity.

I am that I AM.

I began to identify every toxic behaviour or participation on my part and systematically hack away what is unessential... Cheers Bruce ;)

I filled each void with a new, harmonious behaviour and reminded myself constantly that I am seeking freedom with SINCERITY.. Humility much needed in times when instead of giving up a toxic behaviour, I was stubbornly pretending to not deny myself, as if I had a moral obligation to defend my wants which was at the exact time I should be exercising my discipline.

I re wrote my life experience with only the view of growth in finding the lesson and it reconnected me to my childhood self who was in need of great repair.

So, when did this begin?

We are all witness to the toxicity of modern media, film, music and this trash needs to stop filling our young minds with rubbish.

We are all witness to the atrocities committed in the name of profit which is really just pure and simple greed and unwilling to defend ourselves, we have all unwillingly allowed the defences of what is Sacred in this world to be breached.

Our Young's Minds deserve far better conditions than the ones projected in modern entertainment and I know I am experiencing more peace with Mind when I returned to seeking the Sacred Balance in ALL practice.

Mind Body and SPIRIT.

I became familiar again with my body's intelligence and with every new practice, a new pattern emerged that was literally reforming me in every way physically, mentally and spiritually.

Just as I IMAGINE.

Every day I wake.


This FREEDOM is the life force and energy we are all entitled to feel being gifted with this life and I am everyday restoring integrity with everything sacred to me, whether the spine or hips, my digestive system or my relationships, my thoughts or views, my behaviours or food choices, my choice to remove myself from toxic environments has only made space for the most beautiful experiences.

Everything has been enriched.

Each day I am stronger seeking HARMONY.

And discover.

Love is HARMONY.

Love is also KIND and COMPASSIONATE.

Love can also be LAW.

How do YOU follow Loves Law?

Make peace with yourself and follow your heart.

You will intuitively know how your heart is weighted based on the decisions before you.

Defend what is Sacred

Know your TRUE WORTH.

And EMBRACE the journey.

Do this and Our world THRIVES.

Our health THRIVES.

Our life experience THRIVES.

Where is the downside?

Having to give up eating and drinking rubbish so that rubbish manufacturers change their game?

Having to give up glorifying reckless entertainers in all fields and sports in order the hopeful achievements of kindness and compassion shine through?

Be part of the new beginning as it is emerging and see how well you feel.

How well you sleep.

How well you overcome challenges.

In this period of adjustment, some old ways will die hard.

We are ALL witness to the destruction.

The Creation of a New Beginning is just that... The destruction of the Old.

Fear not the changes for they are OBSERVATIONS.

You are an Observer.

Do not REACT.


Until we meet.

We are what we seek.

Yours Sincerely,

J's & M's

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