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Updated: Feb 26, 2020

I was, probably, the most rejected person I have ever known.. and really had a tough time growing up trying to work that painful irony out.. however, my treatment was irrelevant when regarding a lesson my Father taught me when I was young.

Today I hope by sharing this, first by my Father's translation and then as audio by Neville Goddard, you may experience the guided inspiration to develop the strongest relationship with YOUR higher intelligence and listen to YOUR heart when faced with fear or adversary.

By far my greatest teacher is my Father.

By far his greatest teaching was the practice of seeing the beauty and greatness in ALL people, places or things, within your minds eye, despite the love or fear projected on you.

Within your minds eye, your duty is to polish people and do unto them with your thoughts, prayers and behaviour, just as you would have and hope to have done unto you.

The Why is very important and may take your lifetime to discover..

Because by setting out to see the day knowing in your heart that you are to fulfil your duty of going the extra mile, leaving everything that crosses your path in better condition than when you first found, you train the mind to develop a mode and it quickly identifies the higher intelligence and source of ALL knowledge and creation.

For nothing in creation is DESIGNED with uncertainty.


By "polishing" each and every person, place or thing I interact with I train, with my minds eye, the ability to recognize the opportunities I have to participate with the DIVINE intelligence of creation.

For each and every one is like me.. and I am just like them..

But not JUST like them....


Our world is within a world which is ONE.

What I project on the world or YOU.

I project on ME.

I am, is your IMAGINATION.

Your imagination, is me and how you imagine me is how I am :)

By the way, I am happiest I have ever been thank you and I hope to contribute to your health and happiness too!

So, we can all relate to the higher intelligence sharing our life experience.. We know the dialogue that occurred right before we did something really regrettable. Just as we know the dialogue which occurs when we have resolved a troubled heart.

This dialogue is constantly matched, relative to how we treat our OWN body mind and spirit.

There are simple truths which have remained constant throughout each and every one of our lives and it is this, higher intelligence truth that we anchor our search for healing and vitality, which we feel, is each and every one's conscious right to explore.

Our insights will challenge your reality but we assure you.. its far better than settling for the current projected reality of fear, disease and more costs for worse health.

There exists in each of us, an incomprehensible vastness of pure thought potential and that alone is and should be, all that is needed, to alter one's perception of reality.. the fact that we are ALL here together, suggests mixing up this understanding of our existence was inevitable.. however.. what better way to experience the return of sacred truths, then to wake with the feeling of arising from a deep, deep sleep ;)

Keep SEEKING to live life with strength and vitality and we hope to see you THRIVE in 2020!

Peace x


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