Updated: Feb 7, 2020

We have found ourselves in a time of rapidly deteriorating health being accepted as a natural part of life.

We are pressured to search externally for the clues to the riddles of information, doctored with such precision, that the truth can stare us straight in the face and our manipulated belief systems will instinctively and violently oppose.

If you set the truth free, so too must you accept the overwhelming rejection of the sleeple (sleeping sheeple).. they will blindly oppose and ridicule with no regard to data analysis and personal research, however..

The data does not lie.

Somewhere along the way in the modern constructs of debating, we have mixed up relevant data and interpretation with mindless opinion and point blank, matter of fact ignorance. (Research ad-hominem)

Do not allow this attitude toward an open mind discourage you from developing your own approach to life and longevity.

At 27, I had the biological age of 44 years with an impressive list of health problems.

By 30, I reversed my biological age by 17 years, to 27.

Today I am 37 years young, fit, healthy and on the way to becoming stronger than ever.

Most importantly, my mind is clear and my heart is lifted, so when I walk this journey of life my eyes see all and stare forward unashamedly.

" I seek growth, not to be greater than my brother..

But to overcome my greatest enemy.

Myself. "


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